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Biting Coin


The Warped invisible Prediction

Ultimate Mind Reading Deck Intro

The Ultimate Mind Reading Deck V1

The Ultimate Mind Reading Deck V2

The Ultimate Mind Reading Deck V3

The Ultimate Mind Reading Deck V4

The Impossible Mind Reading Act

Ghost Envelope


4 Card Fun

Force 2 (Advanced Force)

In the Mix

The Joker Catch

The Magic Twelve

Card Appears in the Box

Just Say Stop 

Rising Card

The Easiest Prediction

Faced Down

The Majestic's Magical Aces V2

Paint Brush Card Change

Magical Aces V3

World's Fastest Card Trick

Chart 34

Jumping Elastic

T & R Napkins 

Coin Through Table 

The Crayon Vanish

Lid Through The Bottle

Coin in Bottle

 Chalk in Hand

Mind Bender Magic Kit Cover Prototype.png


100 tricks, 3 different skill levels.

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