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Ball In Vase

 The Mind Reading Cube

Cups and Balls 

Sponge Balls (Basic Routine)

 Sponge Ball Behind Ear

 One to Two Sponge Balls

Sponge Balls Up the Sleeve

Sneezing Sponge Balls

The Magical Window 

Three Card Envelope Prediction

The Four Kings

Card the Other Way


Keycard V1

Keycard V2

Blindfold Card Find

The Impossible Social Media Trick

The Mind Bending Paper Clip

Card Colour Change

Magical Aces V1

Magical Aces V4

Cup Through Table

Magical Crayons

The Vanishing Marble

The Mind Bending Ziplock 

The Floating Cup

Elastic up the Nose

The Bending Spoon 

Kung Fu Paper Clip

The Toothpick trick

Mind Controlled Straw

Ring Jump

Coin in Paper Appearance

Coin Vanish 

The Key Object

Crazy Cup Turnover

Sponge Balls
Mind Bender Magic Kit Cover Prototype.png


100 tricks, 3 different skill levels.

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