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Mind Bender Magic Kit


The Mind Bender Magic Kit will teach you how to master the timeless classics as well as tackle new and modern magic feats. Learn how to perform tricks seen on hit TV specials from around the world like making items levitate, making solids pass through other solids, mind-reading, and more!


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Playing Cards

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Chrome Plated
Cups & Balls

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Object Levitation Tricks

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Magical Mystery Envelopes

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Money Tricks

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Reappearing Tricks

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Mind-Reading Effects

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Card Vanishing Tricks

Mind Bender Playing Cards

Learn over 20 card tricks with Mind Bender, suitable for close-up or stage performances. This magic kit features the highly anticipated second version of the sold-out 2016 Mind Bender playing cards, now available again.


*Red performance mat not included


Learn To
Levitate Objects

Unlock the secret to levitating objects with Mind Bender! Learn to make money float into your hand, make a straw rise from a drink, and make a card dance around you. The kit includes a comprehensive tutorial with setup instructions and various performance options. Get ready to bend the minds of your audience!


Cups & Balls

"Cups and Balls" is one of the oldest magic tricks in the world and remains a staple for all beginners as it teaches the fundamental concepts of magic. While most kits include the Cups and Balls trick, what sets ours apart is that we've crafted them from high quality materials and added chrome plating, bringing a touch of class to your Cups and Balls routine!


Pen Through Bill

Imagine this: you borrow a bill from a spectator, grab a pen, and effortlessly stab it through the bill... But then, you skillfully move the pen around the bill without ripping the bill further! Then, for the grand finale, slide the hole right off the bill, leaving it completely hole-free. Return the bill without a trace of the magic, and confidently hand out the pen for examination, eliminating any doubts of trickery. 


Over 100 Video Tutorials

The Mind Bender Magic Kit offers 100 tricks and illusions, from beginner to advanced levels, covering stage, close-up, mind-reading, money tricks, and more. Your purchase includes a special card unlocking access to Mind Bender's personalized teaching, with detailed step-by-step instructions, guidance on prop creation, and diverse routine options for all tricks.


Ball In Vase & Mind-Reading Cube

These two effects are key to the growth of beginners in magic. The Cube will help you understand how to properly read minds before advancing to the next level, reading minds with impossible predictions. The Ball in Vase will enable you to demonstrate impossible feats of teleportation right in front of your spectators' eyes.


Magical Envelopes of Mystery

Featuring 3 remarkable envelope tricks with numerous variations, ideal for a stage show or close-up routine. Picture a signed card becoming the only one in the world, returning to the deck, and magically reappearing in an envelope across the stage or in a pocket.


Learn How To Mind-Read

With over a decade of experience reading the minds of spectators, Mind Bender is now prepared to unveil some of his closely guarded secrets. Mind Bender guides you through each technique, leaving your audience on the edge of their seats. Explore a variety of mind-reading tricks, building a repertoire of mind-bending routines for your next show or close-up act.


*Red performance mat not included


Mind Bender Magic Kit

The Mind Bender Magic Kit includes OVER 100 TRICKS, with over 4.5 hours of online instructional videos, you can learn and master the tricks from the kit at your convenience.

Mind Bender has been performing and teaching magic across Canada for the past 14 years by bringing the most exciting modern magic to corporate events, birthday parties, summer camps, and his very own magic school. The new Mind Bender Magic Kit features professional and easy-to-learn magic tricks for aspiring magicians from ages 6 and up. Each trick in the kit has been handpicked by Mind Bender himself, and, in total, includes over 4.5 hours of detailed instructional videos to teach YOU how to master ever trick!


Mind Bender Magic


When I first started learning magic at the age of 11, I wish I had a kit like this! I'm so excited to finally introduce the Mind Bender Magic Kit. This revolutionary kit is designed to elevate your performance as a magician and set you apart from the rest. I believe that performers should take pride in their tricks, so I am excited to present the chrome-plated Cups and Balls, adding a touch of class to your act. Additionally, we're introducing the first ever mind-reading deck of cards, allowing you to read your spectator's mind instantly, with no sleight of hand involved.

But that's not all—our kit includes 3 outstanding envelope effects that will leave your audience in awe, possibly even running out of the room in sheer amazement. For beginners, we've also included some classic tricks to get you started. I can't wait for you guys to get your hands on this kit and start bending some minds!

- Mind Bender

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