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Signed Card to Sealed Envelope

Card to Deck to Envelopes

Pen Through Bill

The Magical Envelope V1

The Magical Envelope V2

Out of This World


Card Under The Box

Cards In The Balloon

The Instant Change

Suit Or Value?

Three Card Monte

Grandfather's Three Card Monte

Elastic Card Jump

Card to phone

X Marks The Spot

Advanced Force

Card Through Rubber Band

Levitation Device Intro
Assembly and Maintenance

Levitating Card

Levitating Bill

Levitating Straw

Card to Number

Dice to Card

The Static Card

Card Through Bill

The Jumping Elastic

The Game 

Torn and Restored Elastic

Ring Up the Elastic

The Fastest Card Change

Mind Bender Magic Kit Cover Prototype.png


100 tricks, 3 different skill levels.

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