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The Mind Bender Magic Kit will teach you how to master the timeless classics as well as tackle new and modern magic feats. Learn how to perform tricks seen on hit TV specials from around the world like making items levitate, making solids pass through other solids, mind-reading, and more!


The Mind Bender Magic Kit includes OVER 100 TRICKS, with over 4.5 hours of online instructional videos, you can learn and master the tricks from the kit at your convenience.



  • Mind-Reading Playing Cards
  • Chrome Plated Cups & Balls
  • Object Levitation Tricks
  • Magical Mystery Envelopes
  • Money Tricks
  • Disappearing/Reappearing Tricks
  • Mind-Reading Effects
  • Card Vanishing Tricks
  • Over 100 Video Tutorials


Mind Bender has been performing and teaching magic across Canada for the past 14 years by bringing the most exciting modern magic to corporate events, birthday parties, summer camps, and his very own magic school. The new Mind Bender Magic Kit features professional and easy-to-learn magic tricks for aspiring magicians from ages 6 and up. Each trick in the kit has been handpicked by Mind Bender himself, and, in total, includes over 4.5 hours of detailed instructional videos to teach YOU how to master ever trick!

The Mind Bender Magic Kit

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